turquoise and gold: 14/26 – 19/26

i. will. finish. this. project…

i’m ready to move on to different things..which is good, that was really the whole point of committing to this turquoise and gold project in the first place – to inspire more creativity. creativity begets creativity, right? so, i’m ready..ready to paint with a wider variety of colors and explore different mediums. ready to start drawing again. i’m also ready to start devoting more time to one larger piece – i consider these exercises..they only take me between 2-5 minutes to complete usually.

i know that none of these little paintings are anything special – but it’s been really good for me to start small. sometimes by setting limits you help yourself get outside of them – i’ve had so many creative ideas that fall outside of the turquoise and gold boundaries…and i can’t wait to work on them.

at some point this year i will finish all 26 that i initially intended to do. only 7 more to go.

select any image to see a gallery view.

p.s. the eye painting was inspired by a print i saw somewhere. not sure of the source or i’d link!


turquoise and gold: 9/26 – 13/26

as promised, here is another batch of paintings. i’m officially half way!

i think these are my favorite so far. forcing myself to do so many paintings with such a limited color palette has been a good way to discover what styles i like and enjoy. i’m definitely liking the organic and loose style best.

today was beautiful, 75 and sunny. perfect day to have off work. hope you’re savoring your weekend as much as i am. xox.

click on any image to view in gallery mode. (do it! it’s a much better view)

turquoise and gold: 5/26 – 8/26

i spent some more time painting last week. this batch isn’t my favorite…but when you’re creating 26 of anything you’re bound to like some more than others. the next batch is much more organic looking – and i’m preferring that at the moment. but it’s fun to experiment and try a bolder approach. the solid gold one was a mess up – i didn’t like the original painting so i painted over the whole thing in gold…but then i kind of liked how that looked with the old showing through a bit. so i left it. it’s been really nice to have a reason to sit down and paint – even if it’s a made up reason.

work has been killing me lately. i’ve been feeling unfulfilled and bored – so it’s really nice to have a creative outlet. i’m hoping to wrap up this series by next week, and then i’ll be on to the next. i don’t think i’ll be doing 26 of every project – it’s overkill, haha. i started to get bored thinking about posting them one at a time so that’s why i’m going to post them in batches from here on out.

i’m thinking of making some throw pillows for my next project – a woman gifted me her sewing machine and i’ve been meaning to figure out how to work it. i’m also thinking of doing a series of letters – letters to authors, historical figures, heroes, family i’ve never met, etc. i think it could be interesting…but maybe just to me. we’ll see.

have a wonderful friday and a safe weekend. i have plans for breakfast with a friend tomorrow, but nothing else on the calendar – and i’m veerrrry happy to have a slow weekend. i’ll post another set of paintings tomorrow. xox.

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learn more about this series here, and the overall project here.

turquoise and gold: 4/26

i know exactly who i’m sending this one to. my best childhood friend, stephanie.

her mom, sue, died 5 years ago today – and was one of the kindest, most loving, patient, and sweetest people i’ve known. stephanie and i spent an insane amount of time together growing up and sue became like a second mom to me. she would take us to the beach, make crafts with us, buy us matching clothes, do our hair, watch our plays and gymnastic shows (while mostly stifling her laughter), watch movies with us, let us run wild in her house, and take us on adventures. i even want on a family vacation with them to florida once – mom, dad, three kids, and me. steph’s parents always referred to me as their 3rd daughter. and i really felt that way.

i loved sue so much, i still do. i think as i’ve gotten older i’ve only come to appreciate her more. now that i’m an adult – married, raising my stepson, and trying to establish and live a healthy spiritual life – i understand more and more just how amazing she really was. after i went to college she would send me letters and care packages and never forgot my birthday. i wish so badly that i could talk to her today and tell her just how much she’s inspired me, how much i learned from her, and how amazing she was. i like to think she knows. and i really hope to see her again someday. she was such a beautiful person – and i think of her often when i’m being selfish or mean…what would sue do? how would sue react? she was pure love. she loved God and you could see it. you could feel it. i strive to be like that. and it’s not just me who feels this way – anyone who ever met sue felt the same. when she was in high school she won prom queen and homecoming queen – and then went to the office and asked them to give homecoming queen to someone else since she’d already won prom queen. i mean….seriously. people loved her. she was so genuine.

so when i painted this picture it immediately reminded me of sue. she loved sunflowers. and every time i see one i think of her, it’s such a sunny pleasant reminder. i didn’t mean for this painting to be anything – but after i finished i realized that it kind of looked like sunflowers and knew i would be sending it to steph.

so here is painting 4 of 26. for sue.

5.26 edited

5.26 natural light

turquoise and gold: 3/26

today has been a good day. sundays seem to be everyone’s favorite.

sunday summary: slept in. made breakfast…which included waffles, eggs, bacon, and coffee. read for awhile on the couch in the sun. took a long shower. had family over for lunch – which included two nieces and a nephew, kids make me laugh. took a walk through the woods behind our apartment. played some music. got ice cream at lick and ordered a waffle cone with one scoop of cardamom pear and another of caramel salt lick (lick is incredible, if you visit austin you should check it out). took a little nap on the couch and in a bit i’ll eat some dinner and watch football, because i’m a wisconsin girl and i love the packers just as every wisconsinite should..and does.

i hope your weekend was relaxing and rejuvenating. i’ll be making more paintings this week. i’ve been keeping/making a list in my phone of ideas for future series. it’s fun to brainstorm. if you have any ideas/suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments.

here is painting 3 of 26. you can see the scanned image and the natural light image show very different colors. i’m kind of into that though. two takes.

3.26 original

3.26 natural light

turquoise and gold: 2/26

here is the second painting of the series.

i didn’t like the way the colors transferred on the scan so i included another picture with natural light – the gold is only fun when you can actually tell it’s gold. hah. i’ll probably continue to post multiple pictures. i’m not sure who i’m going to send this one to – i’ve been really into triangles and geometric shapes…i know that’s kind of a fad right now, but i don’t see my affinity for these things fading with the fad. there’s something simple and lasting about it.

happy weekend!

2.26 edited

2.26 natural light

turquoise and gold: 1/26

i’m ready to share my first project/brainchild/series! i will be creating 26 miniature paintings (each on a 3×5 notecard) with only two colors: turquoise and gold. See why i chose 26 here. i haven’t painted in years – so it felt really good to break out the paints and brushes, put on a record, and zone out. i don’t claim to be a great artist – i’m doing this solely because it’s enjoyable to me and i think it will be fun to write about, record, and archive. i’ve been in a bit of a slump (see this post) and when this idea came to me i was really eager to get started…it was inspired by another blogger’s yearly creative endeavors, and i’m excited to see where it takes me. mostly, i’m excited to feel like a creative person again.

i figured that by making 26 of these paintings i could turn out at least one or two that i really like. i’m sure there will be a lot of duds, but that’s ok! it’s not really about the product as much as the process. i’m also planning on sending these out as letters/postcards to friends and family. the one i’m posting today reminds me of my sister, karissa. i’ll be writing her a little note, numbering it 1/26, and sending it off to california at some point. i like the idea of sending them out into the world…

i won’t always write this much for each painting in the series (you’re welcome) – but i wanted to give some background on the project – about what i’m doing and why. i’m sure there will be a learning curve – i’m using a cheap scanner to get these online and, like i said, i haven’t painted in years. but i think it’s always best to just jump in and get started. things will never be perfect.

so without further ado – here is painting 1 of 26.

blue and gold 1.26(click image to enlarge)



i turned 26 about a month ago…

birthdays are funny. personally, i think birthdays should be celebrated over the span of two days rather than one: one day should be dedicated to looking back over the last year and being thankful for the experiences, the things learned, the adventures, the hard times, the people that played a part – and a second day dedicated to looking forward, setting goals, and getting a fresh start. a new year. a new beginning.

so that’s what i tried to do this year on/around my birthday..and for the sake of the 3 readers i might have, i’m going to focus on looking forward. i made a list of things i want to focus on over the span of my 26th trip around the sun, and thought i’d include it below.


i plan on sharing the first creative project tomorrow and hope to post here more regularly, but i won’t make any empty promises. we’ll just see how it goes.