January Mixtape


I thought it would be fun to link to a playlist I made recently in Spotify. Unfortunately, I can’t record my favorite songs from the radio on to a cassette tape for all of you, or burn a cd that I can decorate with a sharpie – but here we are in 2017, and this is what I can offer.

A lot of these songs are from the 2006-2012 era; I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been revisiting a lot of the albums I liked then. There’s something about the music you listened to at 18 or 20 that sticks with you. But there are some newer gems on here too, and some oldies for good measure.

Hope you enjoy, and as always…suggestions are welcome!


music monday // 05

heyyyy. monday is here again and this week i’m excited to share a group i just heard about a couple days ago. they’re called jack + eliza and reside in brooklyn, ny. their harmonies are awesome and i love the poppy vibes. i think they have a new album coming out in a couple weeks, but they have an ep that’s already out called “no wonders” and it’s pretty good. i’m really excited to hear the new album!

here are a couple songs to get you started. happy monday.

music monday // 04

it’s already time for another “music monday”!! this week i’m posting an oldie but goodie. i’ve been really into the beach boys lately – i’ve always loved them…but recently i watched the movie about brian wilson called “love and mercy” and i just finished a book about the making of pet sounds (i’ll post more about the book in my july book report). anyway, the book has really inspired me to listen to pet sounds…like over and over again, and this song is one of my favorites on the album.

this video is the song at the original speed. while reading the book i learned that originally this song was recorded in the key of c, then they decided to make it a little faster/higher taking it up to the key of c# on the final album. just an interesting tidbit. 😉 i can’t believe brian wilson wrote, orchestrated, and produced the entire pet sounds album when he was just 23…what am i doing with my life?! haha.

hope you enjoy this classic. happy monday!

music monday // 03

the song of the week is “depreston” by courtney barnett. courtney has been blowing up…and it’s been a slow warm for me. i wasn’t sure what to think at first of her talky sing-song voice, but i’ve grown to really like it. i liked her even more when i saw her performance on jimmy fallon…she’s got some vibes. this song is one of my favorites off her album “sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit.”

this clip is live, but i recommend listening to the record version, too!
hope you enjoy. happy monday!

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music monday // 02

this week’s “music monday” post is dedicated to amy winehouse. the new documentary about her just hit theaters this last weekend, and i can’t wait to see it. i remember when my sister, kate, played the “back to black” album for me right after it came out and i was totally blown away. amy winehouse is such a talent, and even though the documentary is sure to be sad – it’s nice to know that so many people still appreciate her voice and what she offered us while she was here.

here’s a cover she did that i hadn’t heard until recently. happy monday, friends.

music monday // 01

it’s monndaayyyy!!! <- i’m trying to feign excitement. in reality, i would never say the phrase “it’s monday” with exclamations. but anyway…. 😉

this is the first post of my (brilliantly named) new series, “music monday.” i’ve decided to share one song i’ve been listening to each week. the song might be new, old, or just new to me, but it will always be something that i think is good enough to share with all of you. i know my mondays are usually pretty dull, so my hope is that this will help make yours a little more interesting.

last week brent and i watched the movie “chinese puzzle.” i guess it’s the last movie of a trilogy by director Cédric Klapisch. i hadn’t seen the first two but that didn’t matter…it was good enough to stand on it’s own. this song was in the movie and i really like it. i had never heard of this band, and i’m not really sure if they’re any good, but i like this song.

hope y’all enjoy it. if you have any music suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

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right down the line

i watched a (surprisingly funny/sweet/enjoyable) movie over the weekend called “in a world” (it’s on netflix). this song came on and i loved it right away. i’ve probably heard it before – since it is from 1978 and seems to have been fairly popular – but i guess it never struck me until i heard it this time. anyway, i’ve been obsessed and have listened to it like 30 times since friday. i don’t even like any of this guy’s other songs…but this one…it’s good. happy monday, friends.

music // 09

it’s been a long week already. work has been dragging and i’ve been feeling very frustrated with obligations, office politics, etc. etc. etc. wah wah wah.

i listened to this album this morning and it helped. this has always been one of my favs. here’s to getting over hump day.

music // 08

happy thanksgiving! brent and i are headed up to his sister’s place for a big meal later this afternoon. i’m missing my own family today – but am SO thankful for all the in-laws i have down here. the house will be filled with lots and lots of kids, brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, and plenty of love and ridiculousness. should be fun. hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, wherever you are.

p.s. this video…i watched it last night for the first time, and the harmonies almost made me cry. enjoy.