Flowers and Weeds

The last two months have been tough. We have had colds, allergies, sinus infections, roseola (it’s a kid thing), 2nd round of colds, and a minor stomach bug that recently rippled through each family member over the course of a week. Besides this taking a toll physically, I have to admit my mental health has not been so great. We’ve definitely had shining moments within those two months…but inevitably, after a day or two of thinking we were past the worst, something else would hit. I’ve been down.

I’m not writing this to get sympathy though. What I’m really here to do is tell you how thankful I am for family and friends. My in-laws have watched Charlie and brought homemade soup to our door. My friends have sent encouraging texts and said prayers. And this week…I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my mailbox from my neighbor, and my friend watched Charlie ALL day Wednesday so I could rest and recover. Getting a sick day as a mom is a serious treat. And is there anything better than finding your mailbox bursting open with flowers?

I wanted to clean off my table and stage a pretty picture. But with the state of our lives right now this is just way more accurate (yes that’s a humidifier…which has been sitting there for days). I’m so thankful for beauty among the chaos. It’s been a season of humbling myself (reluctantly) and learning to let other people love and serve me when I most need it.