how to find motivation and stop procrastinating

i often see lists online of how to do this and how to do that…how to be more creative, how to eat healthier, how to have a good marriage, 30 things to do before you’re 30..

i have to admit, i’m kind of a sucker for these lists/articles and i love reading them…BUT how helpful are they really? there have been so many times when i’m reading an article on..let’s say…how to stop procrastinating. and i’m thinking…isn’t reading an article about how to stop procrastinating just another form of procrastination? yes. yes it is.

so my advice to everyone is to stop reading about how to be better or do better and just go do it. i know it doesn’t seem like it should be that easy, but i’m starting to think that maybe it is. so anyway, here are my tips on finding motivation and ending procrastination once and for all.

  1. stop reading this
  2. turn off your computer/phone
  3. go outside and/or do that thing you’ve been meaning to do

happy weekend 🙂