book report // 12


it’s the end of december and my last book report for the year. i’m also going to compile a list of everything i read this year, and as of right now i’m totally clueless as to how many books i read in 2015. i’m pretty eager to find out. snort snort.

i read a lot less this month than most others because we were moving. so that means weeks spent packing, a weekend spent moving, and weeks spent unpacking and settling into the new place. but i did manage to read a few gems somewhere in there.

m train by patti smith: i love patti smith. some of her music is good, some isn’t…to me anyway. but her writings?? i love them all. she wrote a memoir a few years ago called “just kids” and it’s still one of my all time favorites. this one wasn’t quite as good but it’s always interesting to get to peek inside the mind of a beautiful soul and true artist. a lot of it seemed like i was just reading her inner dialogue (kind of like virginia woolf at times) and it was oddly comforting to know my thoughts aren’t all that strange.

the hours by michael cunningham: there’s nothing i can really say about this book other than you should read it. i started it a few years ago and it must not have been the right time because i never finished it. this time, however, i was completely engrossed and loved it all. just an absolutely stunning piece of literature.

h is for hawk by helen macdonald: i’m only about halfway through this one but again, another stunner. the way she writes is effortless and intriguing and entirely beautiful and desolate. if you’ve ever felt alone or depersonalized..which is all of us, really…then you’ll enjoy this book. this author articulates those peculiar feelings that are so hard to put into words while simultaneously writing about nature in a way that is refreshing and brilliant. can’t wait to finish this one, but i’m also trying to savor it.

so that’s it for december! next up, year-end recap. i was going to write it all in one post, but i think i’ll make a separate one. it deserves it’s own space. ❤




book report // 11

i’ve been doing these monthly book reports since january and i’m really dorkily (that’s a word, right) excited to compile an end-of-the-year list of everything i read in 2015. i’ve never kept track of the books that i’ve read like this before and my inner nerd is a little too pleased with myself.


so, here is what i read in november:

the silver star by jeannette walls

a grief observed by c.s. lewis

a room of one’s own by virginia woolf

letters to a young poet by rainer maria rilke

i read a lot of classic authors this month. i had read most of letters to a young poet before, but couldn’t remember it very well. i picked it up at goodwill for a couple dollars and was happy to revisit it. i think i’ve read a room of one’s own before as well, but i could remember that one even less. i really enjoyed it this time, i feel like maybe i was a bit too young the first time i read it and it didn’t hit me in the same way as it did this go around. it’s a classic for a reason, and virginia woolf is remembered and appreciated still today because she really is a rare genius. if you haven’t read any of her work, i would recommend it.

we’re about a week into december and i’m one book in. not sure what’s next on my to-read list, and i’m not sure if i’m going to continue these book reports into 2016. we’ll see. i consider this space as kind of a memory keeping tool. it’s basically like keeping a journal in some ways – and i would love to write more here but haven’t found the motivation yet. maybe i’ll make it more of a priority in the new year. again, we’ll see. hah.

hope all is well in your worlds.