on birthdays


my 27th birthday came and went last week…and i’ve been wanting to write down a few thoughts. you can see some thoughts/goals i had for my 26th year here…i managed to check off a few things on that list, but not everything, and that’s just fine with me. i think one of the best things that i’m acquiring more of every time i take a trip around the sun is letting go of perfectionism. good enough is sometimes, well, good enough.

last year i wanted to paint 26 paintings using only gold and turquoise paint. i got through 19…and then got kind of bored and never finished. but you know what? i went on to paint, draw, and create more in the last year than i have in the last five years. so to me, that means success. the whole point of the project was to get me inspired again – and it worked. i recently just started a new instagram account that i’m using solely for blog and art purposes (see here: marci.eliza) and so far it’s been really fun. i’m not so concerned with things looking perfect, i’m just enjoying the process.


so looking forward, here are some goals and thoughts i have for the coming year.

  1. learn to enjoy cooking: i rarely cook, and i’ve never really enjoyed it that much. mostly because i’m kind of impatient, and waiting an hour for something to be ready when i’m already hungry is torture. but…i’d really like to change all that. plan out new meals, start cooking before i get too hungry/crabby, and try to enjoy the motions. put on a podcast or new album…drink a glass of wine…hang out in the kitchen by myself and make something awesome for my family. i’m also pretty certain that if i stop eating out as much as i do i’ll probably lose 15 pounds without even trying and save a ton of money. the food in austin is a little too good..
  2. let it go: we all have things we need to let go of, right? this year i want to focus on letting go of insecurities, comparisons, and perfectionism. it’s such a weird ego-driven thing to constantly be comparing yourself to others, and it’s such a huge waste of time. we all know this and we all do it anyway…this year i want to spend time meditating and praying about it. i want to want the best for people, i want to genuinely feel happy for other’s good fortune. i’m committed to getting there, and i already feel like i’m on my way to that. each year my confidence grows and it get’s a little easier.
  3. start an etsy shop: i already mentioned that i’m working more on art lately. i’d love to open an etsy shop and sell originals and prints. even if i only sell a few here and there, i think it would be a great way to motivate myself to maintain a creative lifestyle…and it’d be fun to have a little extra cash too. we’ll see..


so that’s what i have in mind for the next year. it’s always fun to feel like you get a fresh start on your birthday..i’m a total nerd about new year’s resolutions and setting goals. sticking to them is another thing, but it’s fun to dream and plan. i have about a million other things that i could add to this list…but i’m trying to keep things simple. you can’t get anything done if you send your energy in a million different directions….i’ve always wanted to do too much, and at some point i realized this was causing me to do nothing. oddly, sometimes putting limitations on yourself can be the most liberating and motivating thing. so i’ll stick to just 3 things this year…wish me luck.


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