book report // 07

this was a slower month for me, i think because i didn’t really get into anything…they were all just ok. i basically read these books in the last week and a half…i started a memoir by simone debeauvoir and it’s going pretty slow – i like it a lot, but it’s not something i can read a lot of at once. here’s what i read in july.

wouldn’t it be nice – the making of pet sounds by charles l. granata: i put this book on hold at the library thinking it was brian wilson’s autobiography (which has the same title, “wouldn’t it be nice”). i was pretty disappointed when i realized that wasn’t what i got, haha. but i read this anyway and it was pretty good. i think i would have preferred to read the autobiography, but i learned a lot about brian wilson and the beach boys by reading this. i also learned a ton about the album, pet sounds, and wanted to listen to it over and over again. if you’re into learning about recording and/or the beach boys, then i’d recommend it.


essentialism by greg mckeowninitially, i was really into this book. the author gives a lot of good advice about cutting out things that aren’t important in order to make room for the essential things. he talks a lot about saying no at work, and saying yes to time with family (because that’s what is essential to him, and i agree). after awhile though, i felt like i got the point and didn’t need to keep reading all the stories he told about other people…it was kind of ironic that i felt like so much of the book was nonessential. he even talks about editing at one point, and how it’s really hard to edit a book down to what’s important…and i think he should have taken his own advice. this book could have been much shorter than 236 pages, but it did inspire me to focus on what’s really important in my life, and start eliminating things that aren’t.


the life changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo: i’ve been seeing this book all over the internet lately, it seems like everyone is reading it. as someone who hates clutter, and likes to be organized, i was interested in seeing what this had to say. it kind of pertained to the essentialist theme from the previous book – it talked a lot about getting rid of things that you don’t love, or that don’t spark joy. i look forward to putting into practice some of the things the author suggested, but i do think she’s a bit crazy and goes too far sometimes. she mentioned how at the end of the day she empties everything out of her purse and puts it away…who has time for that? i do think the minimalist mindset suits me well, not just because of my personality but also because i think it’s a good spiritual practice. it’s not good to accumulate stuff – and this book inspired me to try to remove even more clutter from my life.


i’m still reading through the bible as well, i’m into acts now and i’m really enjoying it. we’ve had some lively discussions lately in our church group, and reading through the bible has helped me get my own grasp on the topics that have come up. i grew up having the bible read and interpreted for me, it’s really refreshing to read it as an adult with my own perspective.

what have y’all read lately? hope you’ve had a good summer so far. we leave for wisconsin in a week and half and i’m so excited to see all my family, take time away from work, and get out of the texas summer heat. the forecast over the next week has multiple days in a row of 100+ temps…so i’m looking forward to wisconsin summer days/nights.

p.s. this is the face that often is looking at me while i sit on the couch and read. 😉


you can see previous book reports here.


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