music monday // 04

it’s already time for another “music monday”!! this week i’m posting an oldie but goodie. i’ve been really into the beach boys lately – i’ve always loved them…but recently i watched the movie about brian wilson called “love and mercy” and i just finished a book about the making of pet sounds (i’ll post more about the book in my july book report). anyway, the book has really inspired me to listen to pet sounds…like over and over again, and this song is one of my favorites on the album.

this video is the song at the original speed. while reading the book i learned that originally this song was recorded in the key of c, then they decided to make it a little faster/higher taking it up to the key of c# on the final album. just an interesting tidbit. 😉 i can’t believe brian wilson wrote, orchestrated, and produced the entire pet sounds album when he was just 23…what am i doing with my life?! haha.

hope you enjoy this classic. happy monday!


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