currently (in pictures)

i thought i’d post some pictures from the last week-ish. a lot of these are actually from last saturday…it was a good day. brent’s sister, rebecca, was in town from tennessee so all of us girls got together on saturday morning for brunch.

hillside1^^ we went to one of my favorite brunch spots in austin, hillside farmacy. this place is a gem…i love every single inch of how it’s styled/decorated ^^


IMG_2268  ^^ as rebecca pointed out on her instagram – we took the classic “white girls in front of a painted wall after brunch” photo. haha. i love these women, all three are my sisters-in-law. i’m also about 5 inches taller than them so you can see me trying to crouch down – i need to stop doing that, it looks like i need to use the bathroom. ^^

lobsterroll^^ i noticed that a band we listen to was playing on saturday night. i bought some tickets for me and brent, and decided to make it a date night. this was a lobster roll we shared from a food truck at draught house (a favorite pub in austin) before the concert. i mean…austin really knows what’s up with the food truck thing. ^^

secretsister^^ secret sisters. they played at cactus cafe, which is a staple here, and i’d never been before. it was just their voices and that guitar that they passed back and forth. the harmonies were incredible, if you ever get a chance to see them you should!! you can check out a video i posted on my instagram here. ^^

doors copy^^ yesterday was brent’s sister’s last day in town…so we met up with all his siblings after work and walked around/ate dinner. these doors are behind a shop called a-town on burnet, and i love them! ^^

VWbug^^ brent and i were dreaming of driving this to wisconsin for our trip next month (my brother is getting married!). but then we realized it probably doesn’t have air conditioning so we let the dream die. ^^

hope y’all have had a good week, tomorrow is friday and i couldn’t be more ready. xox -marci


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