book report // 06

well, summer is here. the temps are supposed to be near 100 all this week, and it’s been a very humid summer…my hair has been looking awesome. lolz. jk.

here is what i read in june. have you read anything good lately?

the art of asking by amanda palmer: there were parts of this book that i loved, and parts that i could have done without. apparently amanda palmer is originally famous for her music, but i had never listened to it (and once i did, i didn’t like it very much) – but she also gained popularity after doing a TED talk that went viral. the book is her memoir, and i definitely appreciated her vulnerability, honesty, and passion. it’s always interesting to me to read about someone else’s life when they choose to live it so differently than i do.


station eleven by emily st. john mandel: i heard about this book because another blogger posted about it. it’s an apocalyptic tale that flashes back and forth between life after and life before. there were a handful of main characters and i enjoyed them all. i read this one pretty fast. it’s not life changing, but an enjoyable quick read.


my faraway one / selected letters of georgia o’keefe and alfred stieglitz: i don’t know if you can fully grasp this from the picture, but this book is huge! i put it on hold at the library and when it came in i couldn’t find it on the shelf…i usually know right where to look because i always put books on hold. i had to ask the librarian for help and she showed me a special area where they put books that are so big they won’t fit on the normal shelves. haha. anyway, i leafed through this. i did not read the whole thing. but i read a good chunk of letters, and honestly? i feel like i enjoyed georgia’s letters to anita pollitzer more. there was something more honest and carefree about her writing to her friend than when she wrote to her lover/turned husband. but there is something impressive about the sheer volume of letters georgia and alfred wrote to each other over their lifetimes. anyway, i love georgia o’keefe and am fascinated by her so it was fun to read parts of this.


my ántonia by willa cather: i’ve never read any of willa cather’s books but my sister told me i should start with this one. i loved it. this book was published in 1918 and i was fully expecting it to be a little slow/boring. but the way cather writes about nature and the every day beauty/mundaneness of life was captivating. i would definitely recommend.

that’s all for this month. i just started a memoir by simone de beauvoir and i’m waiting for brian wilson’s autobiography (from the beach boys) to come in at the library. hope y’all had a good week!

here’s a little nod to the show that started it all for me. 🙂 they don’t make ’em like this anymore…


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