music monday // 04

it’s already time for another “music monday”!! this week i’m posting an oldie but goodie. i’ve been really into the beach boys lately – i’ve always loved them…but recently i watched the movie about brian wilson called “love and mercy” and i just finished a book about the making of pet sounds (i’ll post more about the book in my july book report). anyway, the book has really inspired me to listen to pet sounds…like over and over again, and this song is one of my favorites on the album.

this video is the song at the original speed. while reading the book i learned that originally this song was recorded in the key of c, then they decided to make it a little faster/higher taking it up to the key of c# on the final album. just an interesting tidbit. 😉 i can’t believe brian wilson wrote, orchestrated, and produced the entire pet sounds album when he was just 23…what am i doing with my life?! haha.

hope you enjoy this classic. happy monday!


music monday // 03

the song of the week is “depreston” by courtney barnett. courtney has been blowing up…and it’s been a slow warm for me. i wasn’t sure what to think at first of her talky sing-song voice, but i’ve grown to really like it. i liked her even more when i saw her performance on jimmy fallon…she’s got some vibes. this song is one of my favorites off her album “sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit.”

this clip is live, but i recommend listening to the record version, too!
hope you enjoy. happy monday!

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currently (in pictures)

i thought i’d post some pictures from the last week-ish. a lot of these are actually from last saturday…it was a good day. brent’s sister, rebecca, was in town from tennessee so all of us girls got together on saturday morning for brunch.

hillside1^^ we went to one of my favorite brunch spots in austin, hillside farmacy. this place is a gem…i love every single inch of how it’s styled/decorated ^^


IMG_2268  ^^ as rebecca pointed out on her instagram – we took the classic “white girls in front of a painted wall after brunch” photo. haha. i love these women, all three are my sisters-in-law. i’m also about 5 inches taller than them so you can see me trying to crouch down – i need to stop doing that, it looks like i need to use the bathroom. ^^

lobsterroll^^ i noticed that a band we listen to was playing on saturday night. i bought some tickets for me and brent, and decided to make it a date night. this was a lobster roll we shared from a food truck at draught house (a favorite pub in austin) before the concert. i mean…austin really knows what’s up with the food truck thing. ^^

secretsister^^ secret sisters. they played at cactus cafe, which is a staple here, and i’d never been before. it was just their voices and that guitar that they passed back and forth. the harmonies were incredible, if you ever get a chance to see them you should!! you can check out a video i posted on my instagram here. ^^

doors copy^^ yesterday was brent’s sister’s last day in town…so we met up with all his siblings after work and walked around/ate dinner. these doors are behind a shop called a-town on burnet, and i love them! ^^

VWbug^^ brent and i were dreaming of driving this to wisconsin for our trip next month (my brother is getting married!). but then we realized it probably doesn’t have air conditioning so we let the dream die. ^^

hope y’all have had a good week, tomorrow is friday and i couldn’t be more ready. xox -marci

music monday // 02

this week’s “music monday” post is dedicated to amy winehouse. the new documentary about her just hit theaters this last weekend, and i can’t wait to see it. i remember when my sister, kate, played the “back to black” album for me right after it came out and i was totally blown away. amy winehouse is such a talent, and even though the documentary is sure to be sad – it’s nice to know that so many people still appreciate her voice and what she offered us while she was here.

here’s a cover she did that i hadn’t heard until recently. happy monday, friends.

music monday // 01

it’s monndaayyyy!!! <- i’m trying to feign excitement. in reality, i would never say the phrase “it’s monday” with exclamations. but anyway…. 😉

this is the first post of my (brilliantly named) new series, “music monday.” i’ve decided to share one song i’ve been listening to each week. the song might be new, old, or just new to me, but it will always be something that i think is good enough to share with all of you. i know my mondays are usually pretty dull, so my hope is that this will help make yours a little more interesting.

last week brent and i watched the movie “chinese puzzle.” i guess it’s the last movie of a trilogy by director Cédric Klapisch. i hadn’t seen the first two but that didn’t matter…it was good enough to stand on it’s own. this song was in the movie and i really like it. i had never heard of this band, and i’m not really sure if they’re any good, but i like this song.

hope y’all enjoy it. if you have any music suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

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book report // 06

well, summer is here. the temps are supposed to be near 100 all this week, and it’s been a very humid summer…my hair has been looking awesome. lolz. jk.

here is what i read in june. have you read anything good lately?

the art of asking by amanda palmer: there were parts of this book that i loved, and parts that i could have done without. apparently amanda palmer is originally famous for her music, but i had never listened to it (and once i did, i didn’t like it very much) – but she also gained popularity after doing a TED talk that went viral. the book is her memoir, and i definitely appreciated her vulnerability, honesty, and passion. it’s always interesting to me to read about someone else’s life when they choose to live it so differently than i do.


station eleven by emily st. john mandel: i heard about this book because another blogger posted about it. it’s an apocalyptic tale that flashes back and forth between life after and life before. there were a handful of main characters and i enjoyed them all. i read this one pretty fast. it’s not life changing, but an enjoyable quick read.


my faraway one / selected letters of georgia o’keefe and alfred stieglitz: i don’t know if you can fully grasp this from the picture, but this book is huge! i put it on hold at the library and when it came in i couldn’t find it on the shelf…i usually know right where to look because i always put books on hold. i had to ask the librarian for help and she showed me a special area where they put books that are so big they won’t fit on the normal shelves. haha. anyway, i leafed through this. i did not read the whole thing. but i read a good chunk of letters, and honestly? i feel like i enjoyed georgia’s letters to anita pollitzer more. there was something more honest and carefree about her writing to her friend than when she wrote to her lover/turned husband. but there is something impressive about the sheer volume of letters georgia and alfred wrote to each other over their lifetimes. anyway, i love georgia o’keefe and am fascinated by her so it was fun to read parts of this.


my ántonia by willa cather: i’ve never read any of willa cather’s books but my sister told me i should start with this one. i loved it. this book was published in 1918 and i was fully expecting it to be a little slow/boring. but the way cather writes about nature and the every day beauty/mundaneness of life was captivating. i would definitely recommend.

that’s all for this month. i just started a memoir by simone de beauvoir and i’m waiting for brian wilson’s autobiography (from the beach boys) to come in at the library. hope y’all had a good week!

here’s a little nod to the show that started it all for me. 🙂 they don’t make ’em like this anymore…