book report // 05

i realize it’s almost half way through june already (which…how is that possible?) but i wanted to post the books i read in may. better late than never.

i’ve been on a gilmore girls kick since january or february…and i’m finally into the last season. so…i’ve been reading a little bit less. i’m looking forward to getting my life back once i finally finish. also, it’s summer! brent and i have been going out more after work and getting that restless feeling that generally comes when you’re not a student anymore and there’s no such thing as a summer break. i wish we got a summer break. oh well. check out this sunset. nothing beats a texas sunset, but maybe i’m biased.

sunset copy

ok, on to the books.

a visit from the goon squad by jennifer egan: i’ve seen this book around a lot. and i’ve heard that it’s good…a lot. but, i have to say i just didn’t love it. i got through it pretty fast, within a couple days, but wasn’t blown away. the characters were kind of cliche, and the whole thing seemed a little try-hard. i also felt like i never really fully was able to get to know any of the characters because it jumped around so much. a few of the characters are really into the punk scene…and i guess patti smith’s “just kids” was a much more honest, gritty, interesting representation of that. anyway, this book didn’t live up to the hype for me.

sacred marriage by gary thomas: i loved this book. sure, there were parts that made the feminist in me cringe…and there were parts that were corny and a little off color…but the overall message really hit me hard. gary thomas talks a lot about how a marriage isn’t necessarily about making you happy, but holy. he talks about the ways you can grow within a marriage, and grow closer to God. he also talks about the beauty of true commitment and love. i’ve been married for about 2.5 years now, and have learned more during the last few years than any other time in my life. marriage really makes you face your demons, imperfections, and desires. luckily, i’m with someone who’s willing to stick it out and love me despite all the horrible things i do and say. hi, brent. ❤

you are what you eat by gillian mckeith: i spent a few hours one night reading through this book. i’ve had it for years but have yet to really commit to it’s recommendations. i’d like to start, but it’s really hard to change habits…as everyone knows. anyway, it has good suggestions and gives a lot of good advice. it’s one of those books that’s good to have around for a little shot of inspiration.


i’m also still reading through the a week or so i should be into the new testament which is exciting. i’m really glad i’ve stuck with this plan for almost an entire year now…and i’m looking forward to going back and studying different parts/books more in depth once i finish.

what have you been reading? as always, open to your suggestions.
you can read all previous book reports here.

photos: iphone | austin, tx


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