book report // 04

here is what i read in april…

how the garcia girls lost their accents by julia alvarez: i read a book by this author while i was in college. i didn’t love it, and so although i’d heard that this one was good i was hesitant. i found it at goodwill in the beginning of april and decided to give it a try. i think i read it in a day or two. it’s an easy read, and i really enjoyed the way it was written (from the perspectives of all the daughters in the family). i liked it…i don’t think i’d give it five stars, but it’s worth a read.


never let me go by kazuo ishiguro: i really enjoyed this book. i haven’t read a ton of fiction lately…i like my memoirs a lot…but this was pretty good. a dystopian novel that slowly reveals more and more as you go. it was good, though pretty depressing.


tiny beautiful things (advice on love and life from dear sugar) by cheryl strayed: i’d have to say this was by far my favorite read of the month. i loved cheryl strayed’s memoir, “wild”, and i loved this book just as much if not more. it’s a compilation of advice columns that she wrote anonymously years ago, and she writes with such heart, honesty, humor, and humility that it’s hard to not fall in love with her. i cried through a few of the letters..and laughed at others. all in all a beautiful read.

how to love by thich nhat hanh: i think i first read a book by thich nhat hanh while i was still in high school. he encourages mindfulness, acceptance, and love. i learn something, and am reminded to be more compassionate and loving, every time i pick up one of his books. i haven’t quite finished this one yet, but it’s very small and doesn’t even have chapters, just little thoughts on how to love. it’s a good book to pick up every few days.

that’s all for this month. i found “a visit from the goon squad” at a thrift store a few weeks ago, and will probably start that soon. i’m also still trying to get through the bible in a year – i’m currently in jeremiah. i think one of my favorite books so far has been ecclesiastes, which was a surprise. it’s beautiful.


brent and i went camping in big bend last week/weekend. it was so beautiful! i’m going to try to post some pictures sometime later this week (here’s a sneak peek). as always, feel free to leave reading suggestions in the comments. xo.

see book reports 1, 2, and 3 here.


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