book report // 02

here is what i read in february…

i’m in the middle of a few other books – but i’m trying to read them slowly because i want to really absorb the content. they’ll be posted whenever i finish them, but here is what i did get through last month.


stitches by anne lamott: this was a really short book, and i read it in an hour or two. her books never last long enough for me…she’s funny, smart, and very connected to the human experience. i’m always able to find a few pearls of wisdom whenever i pick up one of her books.

to the lighthouse by virginia woolf: i had never actually read a book by virginia woolf in its entirety. i read excerpts of hers in my women’s studies classes in college – but had never made it a point to read her work on my own. i have to say…i hated this first. but then something happened about a quarter way in. i’m not sure if something clicked or if i just started to understand the characters a bit better, but i loved the rest of the book. it was so well written, and i totally was able to understand the genius of woolf.

love does by bob goff: i liked this one. it’s filled with stories and adventures about the author, and how he’s learned that love is something you do, not something you talk about doing. he’s a christian…which is something i almost dread saying because of the connotations, but he seems to embody the true sense of the word. there were some parts that seemed a little off to me – but overall i enjoyed his perspective and appreciated the reminder that “love does.”

dog books

actual air by david berman: this may have been my favorite read this month. the author is the lead singer in the band “silver jews” and his poetry did not disappoint. my husband had been wanting to read this book for years, and finally ordered it online. i’m so glad he did. poetry can be really hit or miss for me – there is some that i love, and some that i find incredibly boring. this..i love. i laughed out loud a few times…which was a nice surprise, but it also made me see things in a different/magical/illuminating way – which is the sign of good work, in my opinion. i’m sure i’ll revisit over and over again.

ezra, nehemiah, esther, and job: i’m still doing my daily readings of the Bible, and hoping to get through in a year. i’m behind right now – but looking forward to catching up. i’m past the levitical laws and getting into the stuff i find more applicable, so i’m looking forward to what’s to come.

what are you reading?? suggestions please!


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