turquoise and gold: 14/26 – 19/26

i. will. finish. this. project…

i’m ready to move on to different things..which is good, that was really the whole point of committing to this turquoise and gold project in the first place – to inspire more creativity. creativity begets creativity, right? so, i’m ready..ready to paint with a wider variety of colors and explore different mediums. ready to start drawing again. i’m also ready to start devoting more time to one larger piece – i consider these exercises..they only take me between 2-5 minutes to complete usually.

i know that none of these little paintings are anything special – but it’s been really good for me to start small. sometimes by setting limits you help yourself get outside of them – i’ve had so many creative ideas that fall outside of the turquoise and gold boundaries…and i can’t wait to work on them.

at some point this year i will finish all 26 that i initially intended to do. only 7 more to go.

select any image to see a gallery view.

p.s. the eye painting was inspired by a print i saw somewhere. not sure of the source or i’d link!


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