book report // 01

i’ve always thought it would be cool if i could see a list of all the books i’ve read. there’s a lot, i wouldn’t be able to list them if i tried – and i know there are lots of books i’ve read and probably completely forgotten about. so this year i’m going to start the list. better late than never. and yes, i’m fully aware that i’m a nerd.

here’s what i read in january:

indian killer by sherman alexie: this book was ok. i’m not a big fan of murder mysteries, and this book defines that genre. it’s about a serial killer terrorizing seattle – hunting and scalping white men. this spurs a wave of intense violence and racial tension throughout the city. throughout the book you meet a handful of characters who all have the potential to be the killer – and you’re never really sure if they are or not. it was interesting…i liked the subtext about racial tension, but i could have done without the gratuitous violence.


not that kind of girl by lena dunham: i read this book in a day or two. lena dunham is extremely brazen and honest – which i appreciate most of the time. sometimes it did seem that she was saying things solely for the purpose of shock..which, meh. but overall i did really enjoy her writing style and humor. particularly when humor would seem inappropriate to most. i didn’t laugh as much as i thought i would – but in the chapter where she lists her top ten health concerns i was laughing so hard i was crying. i’m a hypochondriac, so i could relate. we’ve all thought we were having a stroke, right? no?

transcendence by normal rosenthal: i didn’t read every word of this book. i read the first few chapters and then skimmed the rest. it presented a lot of factual evidence for why transcendental meditation is good for you (in a myriad of ways), and after the first quarter of the book i got the point. if you’re interested in meditation i think it’s worth a look through.


1984 by george orwell: somehow i have completed 17 years of schooling and have never read this book. i enjoyed it – despite it being a major downer. hah. it’s always interesting to see the similarities between a dystopian novel and our current societal situation..(another favorite is the handmaid’s tale). everyone should read it once…it’s a classic for a reason.

1&2 kings and 1&2 chronicles: back in september of 2014 i decided to start a reading plan that would get me through the bible in a year. during january i read through these four books. there’s some little nuggets of gold in there, but mostly i’ve found it tedious and boring – if i’m being honest. it’s a lot of history, and it reads like a history book. i’m really glad that i decided to do it though, it is nice to gain perspective on all the stories and people i learned about as a kid.

so that’s what i read in january. what have y’all been reading? any suggestions? favorites?



turquoise and gold: 14/26 – 19/26

i. will. finish. this. project…

i’m ready to move on to different things..which is good, that was really the whole point of committing to this turquoise and gold project in the first place – to inspire more creativity. creativity begets creativity, right? so, i’m ready..ready to paint with a wider variety of colors and explore different mediums. ready to start drawing again. i’m also ready to start devoting more time to one larger piece – i consider these exercises..they only take me between 2-5 minutes to complete usually.

i know that none of these little paintings are anything special – but it’s been really good for me to start small. sometimes by setting limits you help yourself get outside of them – i’ve had so many creative ideas that fall outside of the turquoise and gold boundaries…and i can’t wait to work on them.

at some point this year i will finish all 26 that i initially intended to do. only 7 more to go.

select any image to see a gallery view.

p.s. the eye painting was inspired by a print i saw somewhere. not sure of the source or i’d link!