last week brent and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (12.21.12).

it’s only been two years…so i definitely don’t consider myself an expert, or anything close to even resembling an expert. but i have learned a lot about myself during our marriage and thought it would be fun to share two pieces of advice i’ve learned over our two years together.

1. go to bed angry.

seriously, do it. it’s possible that you’re fighting and acting like a little snot solely because you’re tired. and the other person is probably really tired too. if the fight is deeper than just a minor misunderstanding then it likely won’t be resolved in 30 minutes or an hour anyway. so take a break and go to sleep. i guarantee a little sleep and some distance will only do good things.

2. say you’re sorry. a lot.

i know this one is obvious…but it’s so.freaking.hard. i struggle to do this on a weekly (daily) basis. it’s so hard to swallow your pride and just say sorry. it’s so easy to want to defend every little thing TO THE DEATH. and i have done that. a lot. and it never gets me anywhere. and it never gets us anywhere. obviously, it’s good if both people are working at this…and can both say “sorry” on a regular basis. but either way, own up to your mistakes. own up to when you’re a jerk because you’re crabby, or you know you’re taking something out on your spouse that is completely out of his or her control. just own up. i’d like to think this will get easier as i get older and we’ve been married longer – but i’m not holding my breath. seems like pride is a pretty permanent struggle.

the last two years have been eye opening, hilarious, sweet, difficult, and really really fun. i’ll take it all.


on the actual day (last sunday), we went here. it was beautiful, can’t wait to go back. ❤ ❤


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