authenticity II

yesterday i wrote about authenticity.

i’m not sure anything i said made sense. or that i really said what i wanted to say. basically, i think social media has some great perks – but i also think social media can affect who we are by constantly forcing us to think about the perceptions of who we are, rather than the reality. this realization came to me when i was reading the letters i mentioned yesterday – because it seems like the need to be heard and seen has always been there, and probably always will be. but we need to be aware of how we compromise ourselves by only thinking of how we’re perceived or what others will think. does that make sense? oy. i don’t know.

“What others have called form has nothing to do with our form—I want to create my own and I can’t do anything else—if I stop to think of what others—authorities or the public—or anyone—would say of my form I’d not be able to do anything.

I can never show what I am working on without being stopped—whether it is liked or disliked I am affected in the same way—sort of paralyzed—.”

– georgia o’keeffe

so anyway, social media can be a great way to check in with people and keep up with people. but i find myself too often thinking about what others will think – as if it matters – and then i find myself paralyzed and wasting brain space on all the wrong things. sometimes it causes me to forget to check in and keep up with myself.

p.s. is it ironic that i’m blogging this? probably.


3 thoughts on “authenticity II

  1. I think what you are saying is something we should all be reflecting on and discussing. There is a potential to create a completely surface identity. That is exactly what some people like about it. Where does this desire come from, and how is this form of communication becoming a substitute for deeper connection?

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