turquoise and gold: 5/26 – 8/26

i spent some more time painting last week. this batch isn’t my favorite…but when you’re creating 26 of anything you’re bound to like some more than others. the next batch is much more organic looking – and i’m preferring that at the moment. but it’s fun to experiment and try a bolder approach. the solid gold one was a mess up – i didn’t like the original painting so i painted over the whole thing in gold…but then i kind of liked how that looked with the old showing through a bit. so i left it. it’s been really nice to have a reason to sit down and paint – even if it’s a made up reason.

work has been killing me lately. i’ve been feeling unfulfilled and bored – so it’s really nice to have a creative outlet. i’m hoping to wrap up this series by next week, and then i’ll be on to the next. i don’t think i’ll be doing 26 of every project – it’s overkill, haha. i started to get bored thinking about posting them one at a time so that’s why i’m going to post them in batches from here on out.

i’m thinking of making some throw pillows for my next project – a woman gifted me her sewing machine and i’ve been meaning to figure out how to work it. i’m also thinking of doing a series of letters – letters to authors, historical figures, heroes, family i’ve never met, etc. i think it could be interesting…but maybe just to me. we’ll see.

have a wonderful friday and a safe weekend. i have plans for breakfast with a friend tomorrow, but nothing else on the calendar – and i’m veerrrry happy to have a slow weekend. i’ll post another set of paintings tomorrow. xox.

click on a painting to see a gallery view.

learn more about this series here, and the overall project here.


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