turquoise and gold: 4/26

i know exactly who i’m sending this one to. my best childhood friend, stephanie.

her mom, sue, died 5 years ago today – and was one of the kindest, most loving, patient, and sweetest people i’ve known. stephanie and i spent an insane amount of time together growing up and sue became like a second mom to me. she would take us to the beach, make crafts with us, buy us matching clothes, do our hair, watch our plays and gymnastic shows (while mostly stifling her laughter), watch movies with us, let us run wild in her house, and take us on adventures. i even want on a family vacation with them to florida once – mom, dad, three kids, and me. steph’s parents always referred to me as their 3rd daughter. and i really felt that way.

i loved sue so much, i still do. i think as i’ve gotten older i’ve only come to appreciate her more. now that i’m an adult – married, raising my stepson, and trying to establish and live a healthy spiritual life – i understand more and more just how amazing she really was. after i went to college she would send me letters and care packages and never forgot my birthday. i wish so badly that i could talk to her today and tell her just how much she’s inspired me, how much i learned from her, and how amazing she was. i like to think she knows. and i really hope to see her again someday. she was such a beautiful person – and i think of her often when i’m being selfish or mean…what would sue do? how would sue react? she was pure love. she loved God and you could see it. you could feel it. i strive to be like that. and it’s not just me who feels this way – anyone who ever met sue felt the same. when she was in high school she won prom queen and homecoming queen – and then went to the office and asked them to give homecoming queen to someone else since she’d already won prom queen. i mean….seriously. people loved her. she was so genuine.

so when i painted this picture it immediately reminded me of sue. she loved sunflowers. and every time i see one i think of her, it’s such a sunny pleasant reminder. i didn’t mean for this painting to be anything – but after i finished i realized that it kind of looked like sunflowers and knew i would be sending it to steph.

so here is painting 4 of 26. for sue.

5.26 edited

5.26 natural light


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