turquoise and gold: 1/26

i’m ready to share my first project/brainchild/series! i will be creating 26 miniature paintings (each on a 3×5 notecard) with only two colors: turquoise and gold. See why i chose 26 here. i haven’t painted in years – so it felt really good to break out the paints and brushes, put on a record, and zone out. i don’t claim to be a great artist – i’m doing this solely because it’s enjoyable to me and i think it will be fun to write about, record, and archive. i’ve been in a bit of a slump (see this post) and when this idea came to me i was really eager to get started…it was inspired by another blogger’s yearly creative endeavors, and i’m excited to see where it takes me. mostly, i’m excited to feel like a creative person again.

i figured that by making 26 of these paintings i could turn out at least one or two that i really like. i’m sure there will be a lot of duds, but that’s ok! it’s not really about the product as much as the process. i’m also planning on sending these out as letters/postcards to friends and family. the one i’m posting today reminds me of my sister, karissa. i’ll be writing her a little note, numbering it 1/26, and sending it off to california at some point. i like the idea of sending them out into the world…

i won’t always write this much for each painting in the series (you’re welcome) – but i wanted to give some background on the project – about what i’m doing and why. i’m sure there will be a learning curve – i’m using a cheap scanner to get these online and, like i said, i haven’t painted in years. but i think it’s always best to just jump in and get started. things will never be perfect.

so without further ado – here is painting 1 of 26.

blue and gold 1.26(click image to enlarge)



5 thoughts on “turquoise and gold: 1/26

  1. Such a good idea! (Found you through Elise’s blog.)

    I sometimes think that I’d love to come up with a project like this, but I think I do, just informally, and not necessarily crafting. I’m trying to cook and share one new recipe on my blog each week, and I’m trying to write five days a week on my blog. All about the goal setting. 🙂

  2. turquoise and gold: 5/26 through 8/26 – the look-see

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