i turned 26 about a month ago…

birthdays are funny. personally, i think birthdays should be celebrated over the span of two days rather than one: one day should be dedicated to looking back over the last year and being thankful for the experiences, the things learned, the adventures, the hard times, the people that played a part – and a second day dedicated to looking forward, setting goals, and getting a fresh start. a new year. a new beginning.

so that’s what i tried to do this year on/around my birthday..and for the sake of the 3 readers i might have, i’m going to focus on looking forward. i made a list of things i want to focus on over the span of my 26th trip around the sun, and thought i’d include it below.


i plan on sharing the first creative project tomorrow and hope to post here more regularly, but i won’t make any empty promises. we’ll just see how it goes.




4 thoughts on “26

  1. turquoise and gold: 1/26 – the look-see

  2. turquoise and gold: 5/26 through 8/26 – the look-see

  3. volunteering – the look-see

  4. on birthdays – the look-see

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